TempSure™ Vitalia: Your Noninvasive, Nonhormonal Solution to Painful Sex

TempSure™ Vitalia: Your Noninvasive, Nonhormonal Solution to Painful Sex

Perhaps you viewed your passage through menopause as a fair trade-off in which you endured hot flashes for a sex life free from the interruption of your periods or the possibility of pregnancy. Unfortunately, these gains can be offset by a new development — painful sex.

Called dyspareunia, up to 45% of postmenopausal women report painful sex, which is why the team here at Revitallize Med Spa has equipped ourselves with an exciting technology by TempSure called Vitalia.

Explore how this noninvasive system can help breathe new life into your sex life by improving your vaginal health.

Behind the painful sex

There are many reasons why sex can become painful for women, but we’re going to focus on menopause-related dyspareunia. Your transition through menopause is brought about when your ovaries begin to shut down, marking the end of your reproductive years. When your ovaries no longer release eggs, they also stop producing reproductive hormones, namely estrogen and progesterone.

These hormones regulate many areas of your health, including your vaginal health, ensuring that your vaginal tissues are well lubricated and supple enough for intercourse and delivery.

Without these resources, the tissues in your vagina can thin, dry out, and your vaginal canal may shorten, all of which can lead to painful sex.

Reclaiming your vaginal health

Traditionally, the side effects of menopause, including vaginal dryness, were addressed using hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or topical hormone medications. While effective, you may not be keen on the idea of tinkering with your hormone levels, or you may have a condition that precludes HRT, such as certain reproductive cancers.

Luckily, your options don’t end with hormone therapies, as we offer an exciting technology called Vitalia. With Vitalia, we send radiofrequency (RF) energy into your vaginal tissues to elicit a collagen response, the protein that’s largely responsible for the health and structure of your tissues.

The RF energy passes harmlessly through the surface of your vaginal walls, which means the treatments are noninvasive and nonablative. In fact, Vitallia is designed for precision and your comfort, and it features a treatment timer that only activates when your target tissue reaches the right temperature, as well as built-in temperature sensing.

We perform your Vitalia treatments in just minutes, after which you’re free to get on with your day. Most women benefit from a series of treatments, which we space apart by a couple of weeks to allow time for your body to respond.

When it comes to results, it’s hard to say, as the collagen rebuilding process is different in each woman, but most of our patients report great results after 6-12 weeks.

If you want to reclaim your sex life after menopause and put an end to painful sex, contact our office in Winston-Salem, North Carolina to schedule your Vitalia treatments.

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